Are You Fancying A Fascinator?

Before going further in today’s blog, I just want to mention I have undertaken a new adventure with my beautiful daughter-in-law, you see pictured on this blog post. We have a blog titled, “” where we feature fashion from a multigenerational perspective and some tips on making in-law relationships work. Some of the posts I do with her will transfer over to this blog, “”. It is my endeavor to keep my fashions for both posts, hopefully in the $25 and under range. So what you may see highlighted in one post, my show up in the other. Today’s post was highlighted last week in our joint blog, and I felt it is a great one for this week. So here goes… Every now and then I love dressing up and stepping out. I have found a great way to add style and class to a simple black dress. And the best part is it is a minimal cost on your budget.

I have discovered the joy of fascinators. According to Wikipedia, these dressy little accessories are called alternative to hats where you have a design attached to a headband or a clip. It gives you the hat like look for a fraction of the cost. Even though they have been around since the mid 19th century, we are now seeing a resurgence among all ages. And the charm of the fascinators is that it gives you a retro look while staying trendy.

These delightful hat like accessories come in all colors and most have veils attached or not. I found this beautiful green fascinator on Amazon for under $15 which had me clapping for joy.

If you don’t have one yet, I would encourage you to try one. Although I found this online, I have also seen them in some beauty supply stores or wig shops.

Your next wedding, brunch date, garden party or church event might be a great occasion to add this fun touch to complete your look.


  1. You look beautiful in your fascinator! I have a special black and white Minnie Mouse fascinator. It is a houndstooth pattern with ribbon, feathers, and jewels. It’s true I don’t wear it very often, but when I do I feel pretty special. I have long thought it would be a lot of fun to design and create fascinators. You are inspiring me!


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