Midi Skirt + Sneakers = Fun Style

One of the popular looks for this Spring is to pair up a midi skirt with a fun pair of white sneakers. Adding a T-shirt or oversized shirt completes this casual look in a fun way.

A good midi skirt is always a comfortable alternative to pants while giving you the advantage of a dressier, yet casual look. There are so many fun ways to enhance it by adding oversized jewelry or by adding an oversized shirt and tying it at the waist. And who will complain about wearing a comfortable shoe? The sneakers are the perfect way to tie it all together while combining comfort with style. A perfect T shirt also completes the look on those warmer days when a long sleeve shirt is not needed.

Whether you are visiting a local Garden Center, dining out on your favorite patio or just heading to your nearest Grocery Store, this winning combo will work for you. I am almost sure you can browse that closet and find some combos to match up with your favorite pair of sneakers.

After all…. they are not just for walking or working out anymore.


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