Rainwear is Always Needed

I love Spring!  Everything is blooming.  Weather is getting warmer and colors are everywhere!  With the beautiful flowers blooming comes the much needed rain, although here in the South it seems to be in abundance.  One of the popular styles that will always be needed is the favorite raincoat or trench coat.

Throughout recent history the rain coat has evolved, from waterproof rubbery to a multitude of polyester blends to protect the wearer from the wet elements.  I love the shorter style which can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the accessories.

I bought this coat at Target a few years ago and I also have a red one similar in style.  In looking online, which I prefer to do these days, more sportier rainwear can be found in abundance.  It is a bit harder to find a dressier style, but they are out there.  Browsing under trench coats might be more productive than browsing under raincoat.

But if you choose to look, have fun and hopefully you will find some pretty cool bargains out there.  Or best yet, you might still have one hanging in your closet.  Remember, these favorites never go out of style.  And they fit the occasion where ever you go!


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