Leisure Jackets Can Be Fun!

As Winter is coming to an end, the weather seems to have its ups and down days where it is bitter cold one day and a couple days later those warm breezes are popping up to remind us of what is to come.  I find the perfect jacket for those cooler days is my ZeroXposur hooded jacket.  It is hooded and waterproof while being stylish and trendy.

This brand makes jackets from lightweight yoga style to a more padded winter ski type and the price starts out around $35  and goes up from there.  Amazon is one of the online places where it can be found.  And if you are willing to check out Ebay or an online shopping service like Poshmark, you will really hit a bargain.  I saw a similar one on Ebay for $9.99 with the tags still on.  Me, I am just showing some good buys from my closet since I am on a spending hiatus for a moment.

These jackets are fun for shopping, taking a walk or heading to the park.  They are comfortable, lightweight and can be fleece lined for a bit of warmth on those still cooler days.  The hood and the water resistant polyester fabric makes it perfect for walking on rainy days, if you find yourself willing to be so brave.

There are so many fun ways out there to be fashionable without breaking the bank.  Do you have some fun “Go To” jackets in your closet?  After all…. Spring is around the corner!

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