Denim + Khakis = Winning Combo

Khakis and denim have been a winning combo for quite a while. And this winning combo has not been just for women. If you pay attention to men dressed in business casual attire, this combo seems to be the defining style. And it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

In my part of the country, the temperature is climbing and Spring is definitely in the air. So this look fits the bill perfectly for comfort and style. Add a white t-shirt to the mix and you are set for any type of outing.

While this style is nothing new and I am sure many of you already have worn it countless times, there are new denims coming out this Spring that you might want to add to your wardrobe.  Or you could be like me lately and just dig in your closet for those favorites you might have pushed aside and consider matching them up once again.

For me, an oversized denim shirt covers a multitude of flaws and is comfortable and provides the warmth of a jacket when overlaying a white t-shirt or blouse.  Changing up this look can be easy by tying the shirt at the waist or heaven forbid, tucking it in with a belt.  Or just choose to add the belt and leave it open, as I prefer.  And if you want to dress it up more, add some jazzy jewelry, pop some color with your shoes and a purse or hat and you will have a totally new look.

While these COVID days are a bit trying on all of our budgets, finding ways to stay trendy while staying in our budget is a challenge we can all meet just by going through those closets or pushing ourselves to stay in that $25 and under range.

Are you meeting that challenge?  I hope it is working for you!



  1. Love both items. Love you with blue sky in the background and NO WINTER COAT!!!
    Just had a hysterectomy…need blue skies and sun VERY SOON!


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