Dressing Up With Color

We are at the time of this Winter Season where everything thing around us seems to be dull and grey.  Spring is still a little more than 30 days away.    We are tired of the drab grey skies and the cloudy days. I am fortunate enough to not have to deal with the snow, but rather rainy days.  It is so easy to throw on the grays, browns and blacks.   But a pop of color is always a good way to brighten things up.

One of the popular colors for Spring is going to be Kelly Green.  As I have been looking at trending color patterns:  black/red and orange/blue, one of the new ones is green/white.  While I am not a fan of the green/white, I thought green/black might be a better combo for me.

I found this scarf/wrap on Amazon for only $12 and knew that it was would be a great way to keep the warm while adding a pop of color, and I certainly love this color!  I am excited for Spring to come and to browse the internet to find more items with Kelly Green in mind because I think it certainly works for me.

What about you?  Are you finding ways to pop that color as we wait for Spring?



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