Oh Boy! It’s Corduroy!

I think Corduroy has been a fashion trend that has been on the back burner for a few years.  However, for those of us who love it, it remains an integral part of our fashion favorites.

Corduroy fabric actually looks like fabric cords sewn closely together in parallel lines to form a rough, bumpy pattern.  According to Wikipedia, it has been around since the 18th century and was created in Great Britain for industrial workers to be worn as trousers, jackets and shirts.  It did not become a fashion fabric until the 20th Century.  However, other sources such as V is for Vintage , suggests that corduroy was made as early as 200 AD by the Egyptians.  It became known as a fabric called Fustian, named after the Egyptian city where it was created, by Europeans in the 12-14th Century.  Fast forward to the 20th Century, corduroy became a widely popular fabric for clothing for children. And then it evolved into fashion for suits and pants in the 1930’s and 40’s.  Up to present day, corduroy has had a rise and fall in popularity.  While it has never totally gone away, it resurges with each generation.

I have had this corduroy jacket for many years and while it is not one of my most popular items, it is consistent in style.  Just when I go to put it in my bag of give aways, I hesitate because it never totally goes out of style.  I find resale shops and  thrift stores are great sites to shop for corduroy.  And online shopping has great buys for corduroy, especially in pants.

I am so glad I have my jacket.  And I still have corduroy pants that are great and trendy with sweaters for these cold winter months.

I encourage you to check out corduroy for comfort and for fun.  It seems to be around to stay, so you can’t miss when it comes to fashion trend.

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