Being A Matched Pair!

One of the delights of being a grandma is partaking in some of the fun perks that come with the role.  Not only do I get to hang out with my little sweetie, but having fun with the little things is a bonus.  And one of those little things is our matching looks at times.

In this case, in kicking off February and our celebration of Black History Month, I found these cute sweatshirts while shopping at Target.  Yes!  “Black is Beautiful” and we are here to wear our pride beautifully.  These fun sweatshirts were under $20 which is perfect for my budget.   I am loving how my granddaughter is soaking up everything about the world around her.  One thing she will have confidence in is her beauty and her heritage. This year, she was really excited that we were twins!

Last year I did a blog on “T-Shirts With A Statement”.  Please check it out!  As I continue to age, I find myself continuing to wear clothes that make a statement. It continues to be who I am. As a teacher I wore T-shirts and sweatshirts that reflected comments and style related to teaching and children. As a black woman, wearing shirts that reflect upon my heritage has always been a way of pridefully expressing myself.

Joy, for me, will be teaching my granddaughter about her beauty, her roots and her ancestors.  Statement clothes are just one way of making a positive declaration.  Maybe wearing “statement clothing” is not your thing.  But this is the teacher in me.  I love it! 


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