Try An Unconventional Wrap for Fun

I do realize there are some risk takers in life and some who are not comfortable in trying something different.  Face it!  We all have boundaries when it comes to comfort in style.  But every now and then wearing something different can be fun.  But if you are like me, historically I have stepped out of my box with fashion, only to let it hang in the closet.

As you can tell from past blog posts, I love shawls for many reasons.  I love them for their style, their comfort and their affordability.  So this particular shawl was given to me by my sons as a gift many years ago.  I believe over 15 years.  While I would have never bought it for myself, it was fun and different and definitely something to keep the shoulders warm.  I wore it a few times but it mostly ended up hanging in the closet.

Fast forward to the present, I am rediscovering the fun in wearing it, especially in Atlanta’s mild Fall and Winter, quite comfortably.  It is still stylish, after all these years and pairing it with faux leather leggings and a black turtle neck makes this fun shawl work perfectly.  Throw in a pair of knee high boots and you are set to go!

Even though this blog advocates focusing on clothing buys for $25 and under, sometimes digging back in that closet will still remind you of some great buys that still work… even after all these years!  And who knows, maybe some of those unconventional pieces we bought back in the fun days of our youth can still be rocked in our golden years with abandon and fun!  I kind of  think I am rocking it!  I certainly know I am having fun doing so!


  1. Awesome! I have a lot of time these days to pick out old items in my closet and mix and match them. Outings these days consist of walks and trips to the grocery store. I always throw on a different scarf, at least!


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