Making Blue and Orange Work

If you are a Chicago Bears fan, this color combo is not new to you.  In fact, I would imagine you have quite a few items in your closet that pairs these two colors in fun ways.  However, to the rest of the population, combining the bold colors of blue and orange is not always the first choice.  But looking ahead to Spring trends combining colors is going to be a popular trend on many fronts.

Last week, I emphasized the ever popular red and black combo.  So this week turning out attention to blue and navy is the emphasis.  Of course during these Covid self-isolating times, dressing up continues to be a challenge for a lot of us. Sitting around in our comfortable loungewear tends to be the outfit of the day.  And when we have to go out, wearing those comfy jeans is a must do.  Adding an orange top, sweater or jacket can be a fun way to meet this color combo challenge. And mentally give you a boost in knowing you are making a fashion statement in a comfortable casual way.

Also accessorizing with a blue scarf or hat just adds to the look.  Throw in a blue crossbody bag and you are set to go.

The  fun thing about focusing on Color Combos is the fact you may not have to buy anything new.  I am sure if you look in your closet you can find some interesting combo choices you never considered  putting together, and in the process, just might come up with a new look that will make others notice you, while making  you feel trendy in the process!

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