Creating Style in Red and Black

Do you know that color alone has a great deal to do with creating style?  By changing up some of your choices in matching colors, you can create refreshing style that makes a statement as well as an impact.

Most of us usually stay within a range of colors and most often try not to bring too much attention to ourselves with outlandish colors or colors we feel do not compliment our style.  And then some of us will not choose a color because we feel it clashes with our comfort level period.

Are you one of those who stay within a  certain range of muted colors and when given a choice of new items will often say no because it does not fit within your palette?

I know I love black because it hides a multitude of bodily sins and face it, you can pretty easily blend in.  But combining red and black makes things pop and says, “Look at me!”  In fact, I would recommend adding the boldest version of red to your black attire.  For me, this bright red shawl does the trick.  It is bold.  It is vibrant. and it sets off the black splendidly.

In reading online what’s new in fashion for 2021, color combos seem to be getting a lot of attention.  For some of you, if you so choose, it will mean stepping out of your box.  But there are some fun ways to spark your wardrobe to achieve a fun look.  Look through your closet, and start mixing up some of your choices.  You don’t have to spend money, unless you want to and it can be as simply as buying an accessory to compliment with color.

Look for some of my additional color combo choices in the next few blogs as I show you some color combos that are fun and attention getting.


  1. oops, my comment disappeared! You MUST initiate a fashion show in Atlanta, supporting the book YOU WILL create and showing the ideas that have come from it. Finally a practical way to shop and wear clothes, as we move comfortably in to our “seniorhood!” That HAS to be the culmination of all your hard work producing this blog. You are amazing! YOU GO GIRL!!!! NEW BEGINNINGS!


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