Fur Hat Band to the Rescue

Sometimes when it comes to fashion and style, you don’t have to go out and buy something new.  Sometimes just digging in your closet produces something classic and timely and fits the occasion perfectly.  For years, I have owned a fur hat band, although for some of those years, it has not been worn.  So recently when I was out and about I decided this would be the perfect cap for the look I was striving for.

While living in Wisconsin, I wore this look quite a bit for two reasons.  First it is very warm and quite appropriate for those cold, windy winter days.  Living here in the South, things are milder and so, it has not been needed as much.  Secondly, it is perfect for those bad hair days.  Just pop it on and you look perfect and ready to go.

As I searched the internet recently, I see these popular hat bands are still available on many sites.  In fact Amazon has them in the $10-$20 range for the faux fur style.  Of course, if you want the real deal and are a fur wearer,  it will be quite a bit more.

We know that the history for fur hats has been around far longer than the faux fur.  And in society as a whole, faux fur has been not only an inexpensive but a socially acceptable alternative to using actual animal fur.  Crownless hats have been around since the 1940’s as a part of women’s fashion.  Combining the crownless style with the faux fur gives you a fun look that can be worn for dress up or just hanging out.

I have had this faux fur band for at least 10 years and looking online, see that it is still selling strong.  So I have to put it in the timeless category and believe that it is here to stay.

In fact, I am now looking to get another in black…. just for the fun of it!



  1. Love the look on you…I agree…have 2 of these and pull them out every year.
    The backdrop is great with your green turtleneck and purple background pics! You look terrific!!!


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