Bring On the Bling!

As we move toward closing out 2020 and ringing in the new year, celebrations will look very different this year.  Many of us will not be decking out in our finest attire to go out and celebrate with family or friends.  In fact, I would imagine most of us will find ourselves quietly bringing in the new year in our very own living rooms.  But that does not mean you cannot bring the bling as you celebrate alone or Zoom with family and friends.

Casual and comfortable sweaters with a little bit of dazzle can be the little spark you need to toast the new year and create your own inventive festivities.

I found this cute black sweater with a little bit of bling while shopping at my neighborhood Ross Store.  It was priced at only $14.99 which definitely fits my criteria of $25 and under and it is perfect with jeans or a pair of black dress pants.

Sweaters are a fun way to add bling and make you feel like a million dollars.  Last year’s blog post was very similar as I covered sweaters with sparkle.  This year’s bling can be shiny rhinestones or bedazzled sparkles.  Just throw on a pair of dressy earrings to add a bit more to your look and you are set to go.

However you choose to celebrate, be safe and continue to follow COVID protocols for safety because you are all just that important.  Here is to hoping the end is in sight with our social distancing and that 2021 will offer a return to spending precious time with family and friends.  Hoping your new year is full of  peace, provision and protection.  Have a Happy and Blessed New Year my friends!


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