Pearls Making a Statement

Everywhere you look in the news now, pearls are popping up everywhere.  This is due in part to our newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris and honoring the memory of Supreme Court Justice, the honorable Ruth Ginsberg.  But the pearls have more than a political statement when it comes to Kamala Harris and her membership to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at Howard University.

For women throughout this nation, we are celebrating her inauguration as Madame Vice President on January 20th, so many pearls will be worn on that day in celebration.  For some, it means buying pearls to wear in solidarity.  But for many it means digging in our  jewelry boxes and pulling out the pearls most of us have had for many years.

My AKA daughter-in-law and my granddaughter are ready with our pearls.

Pearls are the oldest gems and have been around long before written history.  Pearls were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300BC.  The actual pearl is created from a living organism and in early times was a very risky task for divers to retrieve from the ocean floor.  As far as fashion here in the U.S.  the 1920’s was a time when pearls were in abundance with women wearing ropes and strands of pearls as fashion attire.  At that point imitation pearls became very popular and affordable.  In the 1980’s,  pearls became the popular fashion for the elderly ladies.  But today we are seeing a resurgence of popularity with all ages embracing this popular jewelry.

Pearls can range in price from very pricy cultured selections to costume imitation selections.  Whatever your preference, whatever your choice, there is an abundance of pearls to choose from.  I have had my pearls for years or dare I say, decades.  I may not wear them frequently but I find them timeless and a great way to dress up any outfit I choose to wear.

Hopefully you have held on to some of your favorites and might consider taking them off and joining women around the country as we celebrate January 20th.



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