Turtle necks are a Lasting Style

Turtlenecks have been a fashion staple for many years.  According to Wikipedia, turtlenecks go back to the 15th century.  They were created to protect knights from chaffing from wearing the chainmail as part of their armor.  They were worn by workers, and sailors in the 19th century.  In the 20th century, they became a fashion piece worn as a unisex piece of clothing with the rise of the Gibson girl.  They were also called polo neck shirts and were worn mostly by the wealthy.  Since the 1950’s they have been a consistent part of fashion attire, and even now in today’s styles.

I have worn turtlenecks as far back as I can remember.  And I probably will continue to do so moving forward.  I found this cable knit turtleneck at Ross on a recent outing.  It was perfectly priced at $14 which definitely fits my $25 and under budget.

There is always a turtleneck to be found.  Every store or online venue has selections to choose from and the prices range from low to high depending on the fabric, designer and the style.

 I am sure most of us can dig back in our closets and find multiple colors of this popular style.  Pairing up a turtleneck with a jacket, coat or shawl can change the look up and offer contemporary style.  That is why this popular fashion piece remains timeless.


  1. Love my turtle-neck collection! I wear one almost every day, fall, winter and spring. I even have one short-sleeved one that I wear in summer. Wonderful under jackets, sweaters and button-down shirts, or add a shawl or scarf! Love that the adorable Miss Rowan is joining your “photo shoots!”


  2. Interesting info on the origin of turtle necks. Like you, I have too many to count!! Turtle necks are a must if you live in a cold climate!!!


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