A Sweater Dress for Warmth

Moving into late Fall and early Winter has brought cooler temperatures and having to put on more seasonal clothing. One fun piece, for dressing up,  is the ever popular Sweater Dress. This popular style is a classic that can be worn, not only for the stylish look, but also for the comfort you feel when wearing it.

According to its definition on Wikipedia, a sweater, is a piece of clothing, typically with long sleeves, made of knitted or crocheted material, that covers the upper part of the body.  Sweater is a “catch all phrase” for any knit garment.  Although sweaters were initially worn as undergarments, primarily in Great Britain, in the late 20th century they became more popular as an outer garment.

Britannica stated knitted garments were made by the wives of fishermen and sailors from natural wool, which, by retaining its oil, protected against the cold even when damp. The use of the knitted jersey spread throughout Europe, especially among workingmen. In the 1890s it was adopted by athletes in the United States and called a sweater. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that designers started introducing sweaters into their collections.  Although I could not find a historical reference for the sweater dress, I do know that I wore them back in the 1970’s.  This classic style has appeared since then, over the decades as a popular fashion look. 

There are many options available if you browse the web or shop at retail stores.  I found this cream colored dress at Target.  Although it was more than my $25 and under range, at $39, I felt it was worth the extra.  I paired it with a wool shawl and black boots, which are perfect for the cool, crisp days of Fall.  Buying it in a neutral, cream color allows me to change up the look with almost any color, which I am looking forward to.  The balloon sleeves add a different touch to the dress, which I am getting used to. 

Hopefully you might find one of these comfortable fashion buys to add to your collection.  Or check your closets because you might just have one from years past, for they are indeed classics.


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