Tunics, Tunics, So Many Tunics

I love Fall for many reasons.  One of them is the fashion and the style.  One of my favorite looks is the ever popular tunic top/dress.  This year is no different.  If you look around, there are tunic tops galore to choose from, not only in stores but online as well.  In fact, online is my favorite way to purchase now that we can no longer try clothes on in the stores.  Even though I have written about this ever popular style, it is always fun to revisit it as it continues in popularity.

The tunic has a long history.  According to Wikipedia, the tunic is a garment worn that falls from the shoulder to the knees or mid-thigh.  It’s history date back to the Greeks and ancient Romans and even early Biblical times.  But actually many cultures had their versions of the tunic from the Indian, Celtic, Greek,  and Roman, to the Germanic.  In the Middle Ages, this type of wear became popular among the clergy, until it later changed to floor length style.  These garments, historically, were also worn by both men and women.

img_1237 Although I could not find a definitive history of the tunic in modern styles, it seems that recently the tunic has burst into the fashion scene with many styles to choose from.  Also paired with the popularity of leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans, this combo is surging everywhere.  Many of us are finding the tunic covers a multitude of flaws we see with out bodies.  So we love the cover and draping that tunics bring to our daily look, while providing comfort and delight.

img_1246 I found this iGENJUN Women’s Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Button Side Sweater Tunic Dress on Amazon this past summer.  I bought it in anticipation of the upcoming fall season for $20.99.  In viewing the site now, it is listed for $24.99, which we know vendors do when the popularity of an item increases.  I would imagine as the season goes on the price will fluctuate once again.

img_1241 I believe this will continue to be another of the many tunics I buy this season because I love this comfortable look on so many levels. Also the tunic can be worn for many occasions and in many ways by dressing it up or down with accessories and scarves.   In my endeavor to keep things $25 and under, I know there are many choices out there and hopefully you will find some fun ones for you.  Happy hunting!

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