Bell Bottoms are Back!

If you are like me, a 68 year old woman, skinny leg jeans are not always comfortable or the look that most of us strive for.  But unfortunately, skinny jeans are everywhere. Young people love them along with  the profile and image they offer.  As for me, my most desired look is the boot cut jeans, which I find comfortable and great for the look I want.  I do not necessarily prefer body hugging clothing at this point in my life.

Recently there has been a surge in the reappearance of the flare jean or bell bottoms as we called them back in the 1960’s and the 1970’s.  Although this style never really left us, it’s popularity is once again on the upswing.

The bell bottoms became fashionable in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. According to Wikipedia,   historically, in the early 19th century, when a standardized uniform did not yet exist in the U.S. Navy, some sailors adopted a style of wide trousers ending in bell-shaped cuffs.  Even today, though still worn by the U.S. Navy, the bell shaped cuffed pants are now wide leg straight pants.  Did you know, the bell bottomed trousers, worn by the Navy were and are considered to be a life saving device?  Again, according to Wikipedia, the trouser material is made of cotton fibers that swell when wet and can hold air. In the event of a sailor falling overboard or having to abandon ship without a life vest, the bell-bottomed trousers can be quickly removed in the water without having to remove footwear. As part of their survival training, sailors are taught to remove the trousers while floating, tie the leg bottoms in a knot, and then use one of several methods to inflate the trousers with air. The inflated trousers can provide extra flotation while awaiting rescue.  That was news to me!

I found these bell bottom pants while browsing Walmart online.  They fit great and are the perfect length for my 5’10” frame.  My only thing I would change would be to buy a zipper pair next time and not the button down.  That is just personal preference.  They were slightly over my $25 and under goal but sometimes you just have to pay the extra if you want it bad enough.  You can find these listed by clicking on this site, Walmart.  They are listed at $29.50.

So hopefully, as you shop for Fall jeans or just adding to your collection, you might want to consider the flare leg/bell bottomed look.  Or maybe, if you wish you had kept them, you might find a pair still in your closet.  I am finding that if  you hold on to fashion long enough, it returns several times over and it is just a matter of updating to it current styles.



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