Summer Sales…Yea or Nay?

Labor Day is always looked at as the transition to Fall when it comes to fashion wear ideas.  The nights are becoming cooler and the mornings too.   Yet there will be some warm days to continue wearing those comfortable cotton blends as we move forward in this transitional time of up and down temps.

One of the things I truly like during this time is the bombardment of summer sales both online and in the stores.  You can get so many end of the summer buys right now for almost pretty much the price you want.  I know for me, my inbox is full of online sales from every store I have ever ordered from and I am, for the most part deleting them as fast as they come.  Every now and then I will open one just to see what is out there.

On a recent trip to Walmart, I bought this loose cotton top for $12.  I wasn’t looking for a top, but it caught my eye and fit the two criteria that I often use…

Right price…check.  Comfortable and loose….check.

I know shopping at times can be overwhelming and often you have to be in the right mind to buy.  But the thing I find with clearance sales and end of the season sales is, if you don’t make the decision in the moment, often the item will be gone if you wait or the size you need may not be available.

But with all of these sales offers out there right now, if you are wise and know your budget and really think about the fact that it is something you will wear or not, that can help to motivate you.  After all, how many of us have items we are holding on to that still may have the price tag on them because at the time we bought it we did it just because it was on sale and really wasn’t something we had thought out fully?

So happy clearance shopping…. or not!

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