Being Casual in Leopard!

Leopard prints are pretty hot right now.  Looking back over Spring and Summer styles, I found there were many fashion pieces to choose from.  And now looking online at upcoming Fall items, leopard prints remains a popular choice in women’s apparel.  It seems most stores offer some type of leopard print style.

Recently while browsing online, which during COVID isolation, seems to be my favorite thing to do, I found this cute Tee shirt from Old Navy which was listed at only $10.  And I have been wanting some leopard slip ons just for the fun of it but didn’t want to spend a load of money since I would only wear them on occasion.  So, again while browsing, I found these slip ons at Walmart for only $12.  Both items, I find you definitely cannot beat the price on.  I paired the Tee shirt with a pair of  black  pants and found myself with a fun, comfortable,  casual outfit for shopping or running errands.

Historically, leopard fur has been around since the 1920’s but the leopard print fabric did not appear until 1947.  It surged in popularity in the 1960’s emphasizing the Bohemian look. And since then, it has remained very popular with all ages.

If it appeals to you, now is the time to find some great bargains online with clothing choices switching from Summer to Fall. And there are some very beautiful jackets, tunics, pants, jackets, shawls, dresses, skirts and accessories in the Fall line of fashions which should fit everyone’s taste, that is, if you are into animal prints.




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