Put On Those Red Shoes Baby!

I love red!  Anything red!  It is vibrant, jazzy and very attention getting.  You have to admit it makes you stand out in a crowd.  So, as often as I can, I love to accessorize with it, or wear it as a main piece.

Today I thought I would highlight my red shoes.  Since this is so reflective of my casual life right now, opportunities to dress up and go places have pretty much been put on hold.  But even casually you can make that color pop even if you have nothing planned to do.

I recently ordered these Ked shoes and am thrilled with them.  I have been a KED’s wearer for many years now and find they fit my daily needs in so many ways, whether it is going for short walks, shopping, or just hanging out.

Although they were a bit over my $25 range that I love to stay in, the little extra was well worth it because it will bring me many opportunities to come, to wear these fun shoes.

I also have Ked’s in black and in white.  So, it is safe to say I am a fan.

Add a red sun hat and hit those streets because these shoes are definitely made for walking.


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