Deck Yourself Out in A Little Lace

Lace is one fashion trend that has been around forever.  Historically, although we cannot nail down the origin of lace, it can be found as early as the 16th Century.  According to Wikipedia, several European countries have their own time and method of introducing the design, but nothing can be confirmed exactly.  We do know it was worn by the early Catholic church and by European royalty.  It was also a sign of distinction and wealth among the upper class.  Without going into the specific kinds of lace, of which there are several, every country seems to have some noted designs which were embraced by wealthy patrons.

Here in the states, lace became a very important choice for wedding gowns and for specific formal attire in the 1940’s through present times.  In the 1980’s it became more acceptable for any type of look, whether it was formal or simply grunge.  Today you can wear it comfortably for any occasion or event and fit in.

I love this tiered lace maxi dress for almost any occasion, like church, theater, dinner or just hanging out with friends (Pre-Covid days, of course).  The great thing about today’s fashion is, lace can be a part of any fashion piece, from dresses, skirts, tops and jackets, to accessories like scarves, hair bands, stockings, purses, to name a few.

Since lace has stood the test of time, I am sure you might have some pieces in your wardrobe that will fit right in with today’s style with some tweets with accessories.  I am sure you will find your comfort with this familiar fabric and enjoy decking yourself out! 


  1. Beautiful color and style looks really good on you. Sage fell in Love with Lace at an early age, I got her a beautiful dress with Lace in it and she was so excited about the lace she touched it with her little hands and smiled


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