Tiered Maxi…. Anyone?

One of my favorite dress up looks is the maxi dress.  I have highlighted the maxi dress on past blogs and have to say I love the look.  Being 5’10” helps pull off the look quite well.  Wearing one, makes being tall fun.

This week in addition to revisiting the maxi, once again, I also want to note one particular stye that adds swing and volume to the traditional maxi and that is the “tiered” style.  The tiered dress dates back to Victorian times with women, which was a time when what they wore reflected their wealth.  The tiered look was a dress with overlapping layers.  In Victorian times it was often up to three layers and often different colors.  This style popped up again in the 60’s where it was adopted by a more liberal style of dress and not so much a “wealthy” look.  It resurged again in the 80’s and remains popular in many of today’s styles.

As I noted in last week’s blog, I am going through my closet and giving away some items and this, again, was one of them.  But…. I am going to hold off for one more season and enjoy the fullness of this maxi while hopefully soon getting able to dress up and go somewhere this summer.

In shopping the internet, it seems almost every fashion site has a tiered maxi to choose from, so it remains very popular and there are one or two I am keeping my eye on to see if a price drop happens.   And if so, when it hits my $25 and under range, I am going to add another tiered maxi or midi to my collection.

I am including a photo from a past blog where I highlighted a silky wrap to add to your wardrobe.  But I wanted to note the dress is a tiered maxi, which continues to be one of my favorites.

So if a maxi is not one of the looks you like, consider getting the “tiered look” in a midi.  It is a fun way to keep it loose while adding that “dress up” look to your style!



  1. Love both tiered maxi dresses! The colors are so vibrant and both are very flattering. Keep them both!


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