To Belt or Not To Belt….

As I was recently changing out my closet, putting Spring & Winter clothes away and putting out Summer clothes, I took the time to pause at my belt rack, which has been pretty much neglected for the last few years.  This is primarily because my waist line has always been my burden to bear.  It is the first place I gain and the last place I lose.  Wearing a belt has always for me emphasized an area I would rather ignore or hide.  But having lost almost 14 pounds since January, and about 2 inches off my waist, is giving me a renewed interest in pulling out some of my favorite belts and mixing them up with some new looks for summer.

This is one look that I thought might be fun to wear out and enjoy these warm days.  I was in the process of donating this skirt to the Goodwill because I never wore it, but then decided to try a belt with this high waist.  I have always loved the geometric style print and the multi-color patterns of this skirt. And I love the fullness and flare.  I think this wide black belt adds that touch of completion to the look.   And I believe it will be comfortable while giving me opportunity to wear a belt once again.

Pairing the black belt up with a black top further emphasizes the look for me.  Another way to change it up would be to not go with a high waist but an oversized top and to belt the top instead of the skirt, which also is an option.

But whichever way you prefer, try some new looks and turn those “dreaded” belts into some “delightful” new looks!




  1. You look absolutely fantastic!! I want to know how you accomplished your weight loss. I would like to do the same..the goal is to eat healthy..weight loss is needed…any secrets you could share?


  2. While belts will not be making a comeback in my wardrobe, I love “shopping my closet” to create fresh looks. Love that swingy skirt! Very chic!


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