Throw Some Shade on That Summer Sun!

Whenever we hit Memorial Day weekend, that is a good indicator of hot summer days ahead.  And with those summer days come summer style.  One thing to get yourself summer ready is to think about a fun pair of sunglasses to save those eyes from glare and wear.

If you follow my blog, you know that just about every one features me with my sunglasses as an accessory.  It is not always a fashion statement, but a needed accessory to keep me from squinting, whatever the season.  I love sunglasses and while it appears I have favorites, I am open to trying new styles and fun styles.

I found this pair of black embellished sunglasses from a fun online site called, iCusunglasses.  It is locally owned but available to ship anywhere.  And I am all about supporting local businesses.  Check out their website by clicking on their name and see some of the fun styles they offer.  And one of the best parts is, they fit my $25 and under criteria, which is important for us Seniors and our budgets.  I have my “eye” on a couple other pairs, so I will be going back for more!

Hopefully you are protecting your eyes with some really fun sunglasses.  And remember, it is always ok to step out of your box.  I decided to add some bling and I am so glad I did!  Try something new!  Try something fun! 


  1. Great post! The right pair of shades can take an outfit from cute to fabulous. Love the ones you’re rocking! I’m gonna check out that site.


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