Making It Fun with Cultural Clothing

I just want to close out my celebration of Black History Month with a few photos taken from a little over a year ago.  I chose these photos because they easily show how you can make fashion statements highlighting your heritage and culture using contemporary looks without breaking the bank.  I also used them on a past blog, but not emphasizing  fashion.  This time around I want to do just that.

I found this beautiful African print skirt a couple years ago while shopping at a local mall and even though it was over my $25 and under goal which I faithfully try to stick to, I knew it was one of those must have pieces.  I paid $49 at the time and have seen many more skirts similar to this well within the range and even priced a bit lower.   I love the beauty of African print material and try to find ways to make it a part of my wardrobe 365 days a year.  This particular skirt is trendy and very popular in today’s style, while accenting the beauty and boldness of African design.  And if you pay close attention, you will see this skirt in many different colors and patterns, worn by beautiful ladies at many social events and at church.  I know the more I see on others around me, the more I want to buy for myself, at the right price, of course.

I love the way designers are bringing the traditional African dress into contemporary fashions.  Maxi skirts are some of my favorite dress up styles to wear.  And combining the maxi  with a button down blouse works just fine in this look.  I also have African fabric that I wear as a shawl or shoulder wrap, head wrap, tops with jeans, and even jackets and hats.

I encourage you to make your cultural connection in your wardrobe style.  You might be surprised how much fun it can be expressing yourself while celebrating your heritage.  Pe proud!  Be bold!  Have fun!


  1. That pic with your family is to be treasured. It exudes love, joy and happiness!
    So glad you’re in Atlanta…sunshine, love and light…THE BEST!


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