T-Shirts With A Statement

Throughout my adult life, I have always worn T-shirts that made a statement.  It’s who I am.  As a teacher I wore many that reflected comments and style related to teaching and children.  As a black woman, wearing shirts that reflect upon my heritage has always been a way of expressing myself.  Imagine my delight in finding this shirt on a recent trip to Target.  And to make it even more fun, finding one for my granddaughter made the trip complete.

One of my passions, as a teacher was infusing my culture in my teaching.  Being retired, I use social media as a medium to share history and facts and for passing knowledge on to the next generation.  I am having so much fun making sure my granddaughter knows her roots.  She will know her ancestors and from whence she has come.

Although I applaud Target for their T-shirt selection, I am sad that they are only available in February because Black History is American/World History 365 days a year.  This shirt was only $13 in adult size and $8 for kids which was perfect.

When it comes to T-shirts, prices vary and you can find great buys no matter what the price range is.  I will always love my T-shirts for kicking back in comfort and I probably will continue to wear my statements to the world.  If that is not for you, just find your style that meets your taste and have fun with fashion.

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