Culture Meets Style

One of the things I am so proud of in life is my culture and my heritage.  I embrace it in all facets of my life and look for many ways to proudly show my connection to my heritage and to my roots.  With this being Black History month, I thought it would be a good time to add some style through the use of Kente cloth.

Kente is brightly banded or woven material that dates back to the Asante Kingdom of Ghana and Togo in West Africa,  pre-17th century.  It was originally worn only by royalty and others could not wear it.  In today’s world, it is worn and embraced with pride by people of African descent no matter where they live in the world.

In today’s fashion you can find kente inspired clothing for any type of outfit and it is worn by people no matter what their age.  There are many colors and patterns for the kente cloth and each color has a specific meaning whether it is love, wealth, goodness, etc.  I love this kente stole that I often use to accent a jacket, dress or just a simple top.  You will find kente stoles worn by many African Americans during many college graduations as a sense of pride and achievement.

What is your culture and what types of clothing do you wear to showcase your heritage?  After all there are many opportunities where culture can meet style in many contemporary ways.

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