Soft Velour Makes For a Great Top!

Many years ago, I had a favorite velour top that I completely wore out.  I have looked seemingly forever for a replacement for it.  While there have been many velour tops available, most of them were crew neck style.  I had not been able to find one similar to the one I had until I was recently browsing online.  They call this style a “Boyfriend Shirt” because of its loose, roomy fit. Soft Surroundings was the retail site and I knew when I saw it,  I had to get it.  Unfortunately it was not in my $25 and under range.  It was quite a bit over at $79 which was way more than I would allow myself to spend.  Nevertheless, I clicked on the site and just checked out some of the other colors available.  Imagine my delight when I found a color, which I could only imagine they wanted to move fast, so it was priced at $29 which fit my range, only going over by $4.

As a bit of background info on velour, it can be considered a  cheaper version of velvet.  Velour is the french word for velvet and some form of it dates back to 206 BCE China and 2000 BC Cairo.  Up until the 1960’s velour was popular for furniture coverings and did not become a fashion statement for clothing until the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Leisure wear is quite commonly made of velour and is still popular today.  If you pay attention, you will notice that many active wear outfits are made in velour and are very comfortably worn by all ages.

While this color would not have been my first choice, now that I have it, I really like it and am very glad I made the decision to buy it.  I was glad to recently pair it with one of my favorite shawls for a trip to my nearby breakfast spot.


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