Add A Brooch Or Two For Accent…

For the longest, when I thought about brooches, I thought of old ladies and their colorful pins adorning their scarves and outfits.  I really did not think of them  as contemporary fashion for myself.  My grandmother had some amazing brooches and my sister and I divided them after she passed on.  I kept them in my jewelry box mostly for sentimental reasons.  But soon I began to notice, in shopping and browsing in stores, the fashionable brooch is still quite popular with many beautiful selections available.  And people of all ages are wearing them to add dazzle and glam.

According to Wikipedia, a brooch is identified basically as a decorative jewelry item (pin) designed to be attached to garments.  They are made of metal and most often adorned with jewels and gems.  Brooches date back to the early Celts and Vikings and were worn as cloak fasteners.  Today they are mostly worn for accents and decorative adornment and style.

One of the best part of choosing brooches, in today’s fashion, is you can find one in almost any price range you desire, from very inexpensive to quite costly based on the metals and gems.  As you know by now, I am always going to try to keep it under $25 when I shop, so I have acquired quite a collection and am very happy with the choices I have added.  The second great thing about brooches is, you find them everywhere and the choices are quite extensive.  No matter what store you shop in or what retail site you browse online, there are choices available.

Just a few of my many brooches

So the next time you find yourself out shopping or when you go online, check out some the beautiful brooches that are available and maybe, just maybe, you might decide to begin your collection or add to it.




  1. Pam, What a great article! I also have a few of my grandmother’s brooches. I used to wear them to work, but began to worry that I would loose one. I’m going to pull mine out and start wearing them again. Thanks for the reminder!


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