Be the Change…My Gift to Myself

Well, it seems like just yesterday I was writing my birthday blog in celebration of my 67th birthday.  And just like that, I blinked and here we are at year 68 and I am sitting here tying to think of something positive, yet reflective in anticipation of the year ahead.  I want my words to be uplifting and inspiring, but this year feels different because I see the world is making less sense than ever before and I guess I am becoming older and a bit more jaded by what I am seeing.

While I am grateful and thankful and just appreciative of all my blessings, I am also on heightened awareness that all of this is temporary and can change at a moment’s notice. 

This year I have created a list of wants and I believe any one of these is possible to receive but will require some effort on all our parts.  My list is simple, inexpensive and the only requirement is giving of one’s self.

MY Birthday List:

  • A better,  kinder and safer world for my grandchild and my children. 
  • People using decency to interact with each other.
  • No More Racism and hate
  • Kindness & Love for each other
  • Stop fearing our differences
  • Genuine concern for our Brothers and Sisters
  • Stomp out Poverty
  • A return to a love of eduction in this country
  • Get Corporations out of Politics
  • Health coverage for all

I think all of these could be addressed in some manner but it will take intent on all our parts.  And for it to happen, deeply threaded through all of this is one thing and it is found in a simple Scripture:

“He answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”, and, “Love your  neighbor as yourself.”  Luke 10:27

If we do these two things, every single birthday wish can be accomplished.  Now that is inspiring.  But as with human nature,  we can only control ourselves, and change ourselves.  So what does that do to my birthday list?  It keeps me hopeful that change can occur in anyone and everyone.   That is why I love to see Random Acts of Kindness.  It reminds us there is hope in this world.

As long as I hold onto this commandment from God, change has already begun in me.  And as I go forward and if I remain obedient, I will see the changes in me hopefully spreading outward,  knowing that others are watching and benefitting and that my corner of the world is becoming a better place.

So, Year 68, we got this.  My gift to myself is to be kinder, more loving and to treat others well.  And remain confident in fully knowing  that all things are possible with God as my anchor.


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