Open Front Cardigan for Style and Warmth

One of the special gifts I got this Christmas was this Hooded Open Front Cardigan by Joseph A.  It is one of those items that you really don’t know that you are missing until you get one and realize how comfortable, stylish and warm it is for a mild Winter day.  I love the fact that it is one of my favorite patterns,  a houndstooth with a red lining.

This really nice sweater can be worn for almost any occasion.  Today I wore it to church with my favorite black slacks and top, and I felt quite comfortable.  Of course, for me, the hood is more for decoration rather than need.  But I would imagine on a windy day, it would be much appreciated.

I also love the three quarters length, falling above the knees.  It is the perfect length for me, and the pockets are a bonus that I always enjoy.

Although it was a gift and one never asks the price, I did do some searching for the sake of this post and am happy to say, it falls into my $25 and under category, if you find it on sale.

The best part about gifts is sometimes the giver will gift you with your favorite style and sometimes they will give you something new, outside your box.  And for this, I am thrilled because I have a new favorite now!


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