Enjoy Casual Sparkle for New Year’s Eve!

When we think of the New Year’s Eve,  we think of celebrating with sparkle, glitter and shine.  For those of us who just love to keep it casual, adding a bit of sparkle can easily be done with a jazzy sweater and or accessory bling.

Nothing for me is more comfortable than wearing a pair of leggings or jeans, topped with a warm, cozy sweater.  And for celebrating this upcoming New Year, this combo works for me!  I usually don’t do the full glamour thing, but rather go for a casual laid back look because my celebrating is done on a smaller scale in a more intimate setting instead of the huge crowd gatherings.

For a casual house party or gathering with friends, I love wearing my faux leather leggings with an oversized black sparkle sweater.  And my New Year’s fun hat rounds out my look.  If you are shopping, you can find these easily in a $25 and under range.

Or, I may choose my faux leather leggings with a gold sparkle sweater.  Either one works for me.  And the best part is, this year,  I do not have to buy anything new!  These have been in my closet, waiting for an opportunity to wear to a social outing.

As you prepare for your fun night of celebrating, consider checking out your closet and picking something that you can add a pop of sparkle to and enjoy looking great without spending a dime!

And Happy New Year my friends!  As we close out this year and this decade, have fun and be safe!


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