A Good Pair of Slacks is a Great Find!

Being retired, as the weather has cooled down, I find myself in my comfortable jeans, leggings or sweats most every day.  However there still are occasions where I do like to dress up, yet remain a bit casual, with a nice pair of slacks whether it is for church, lunch with friends or a dinner engagement.

At 5’10”, finding tall slacks can be challenging and keeping them within my price range adds to that challenge.  Some of the places I love going to are consignment shops, resale shops, the Goodwill or shopping on line for great choices.  I found these grey double sided buttoned slacks at a great shop in my hometown, Rockford, Illinois during one of my past trips home.  The shop is called Secondhand Curves Resale Boutique and they specialize in sizes for the curvy lady, starting at size 12.  These fabulous and comfortable slacks were only $8 which I feel are a great buy.

According to Wikipedia, women’s slacks were initially called trousers and women were banned in the 19th and early 20th century from wearing them here in the U.S.  Actresses Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn were often photographed in trousers in the 1930s.  Vogue featured its first spread of women wearing slacks in 1939.  In the 1940’s there was quite a jump in sales and availability of slacks.  And I guess you could say the rest is history.

A nice fitting pair of slacks is fashionable acceptable and can be worn for any occasion.  You can combine them with almost anything from blouses to sweaters to blazers and more.  While I don’t own a lot of dress slacks as I did when I was teaching, I still keep a collection in my closet and will seldom pass up a good buy when I see one.


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