Shawls Absolutely Are the Best Thing Going

img_0888Another one of my all time favorite fashion pieces for fall is the every popular shawl.  You can take the simplest outfit, as in this case black pants and a black long sleeve T-shirt, add a shawl and you can look like a million dollars.  It is as simple as that!

According to Wikipedia, the shawl has its roots in 14th century Persia.  However it appears almost every culture throughout the world had their own type of shawl or wrap that was worn at that time and continued throughout the centuries in some variation.

It has been common to see shawls here in the U.S. as part of fashion though it has not been widely popular with all.  However in recent years it has been popping up in colorful, knit styles and has quickly turned into a desired fashion accessory.  Most of the shawls tend to have fringe edgings but certainly can be found without.  They even vary in their design, with some having openings for arms.

I find my shawls/wraps/scarves frequently in stores as well as online.  And most are in the $20 range although they can be a bit more expensive.  I purposely keep mine purchases at $25 and under.

Right now I have a collection of at least 10 in a variety of colors and patterns and am keeping my eye open for more.  I can’t seem to get enough of these fun coverups for Fall. img_0884



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