Quilted Vest Anyone?

I love my quilted vests!  They are great for transitioning to those cooler days of fall.  Just pair a vest up with your favorite shirt or sweater and you are ready to go.  I also love accessorizing with an oversized scarf to add additional color.

The quilted jacket has been around for some time.  Quilted fabric goes back to the middle ages when soldiers would wear it to insulate themselves from the armor.  And if they could not afford the armor, they would wear the quilted clothing into battle.  As far as fashion is concerned, it was designed to wear as clothing only as recent as 1965 by Steven Guylas, an Anglophile American who moved to England.  It became a popular clothing for hunting and fishing and eventually embraced by the royal family.  For a more detailed history, click on “quilted jacket”.  Another deviation for the quilted vest is the puffer vest which tends to be thicker than the one I am wearing.  Both are quite popular, depending on your taste or need.

I purchased this quilted vest recently from Old Navy on a special sale for $12 which is great in and of itself and also great if you wanted to get other colors and keep it affordable.  I have seen these vests on ladies of all ages and children too!

Maybe there is a color out there for you?


  1. Great job..love the scarf with the look!
    Thanks for sharing your talent…think you should put this into book form! Love the historical fashion info!!


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