Embracing Fall with Dark Florals

One of the fashion trends for this fall is dark florals.  So you really don’t have to say totally goodbye to your summer floral look.  It is just tweaked a bit.  Moving forward, the fall florals tend to move from the black background to deep burgundy, forest green, and dark plums with a splash of brightly colored flowers.  Some of the florals are big and bold and some are on the smaller side.  There are a lot of great looks coming out in dresses, tops, jackets and skirts, with so many different styles to choose from.

I have to say, I was not really looking for anything in floral, but I recently found this Calvin Klein button down blouse at a thrift store for under $5.  While it does have the traditional black background and looks very similar to another floral top that I have, I found I could not pass up the deal.  Since I do find that I am loving florals so much, I am keeping my eyes open for some of the newer varied colors.

Florals have been popular in women’s fashions since the 1950’s and have never really gone away.  They have had ups and downs with popularity, but in this fall’s collections, we are seeing this resurgence combined with other fabrics and showcased in innovative ways.  Pairing this with a black moto jacket is a great way for me to transition to the cooler weather. And I know a great cardigan or shawl would also be a good choice.

Hopefully you will find a piece that you can add to your wardrobe and have fun with the selections.




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