Denim Skirts Are True Classics!

As I was browsing for upcoming fashion trends for Fall, I saw some styles that were appealing and I also saw some that I just was not overly impressed with.  Face it, we are never going to like every trend that is trending.  So what I did instead was to come up with a random list of classics that I will inject in future blogs, alternating with some of the new trends.  After all, if you have a style that is bearing the test of time, why reinvent the wheel?

This week’s focus is in the classic category, and yet, forever trending style.  It is the denim skirt.  I have had a denim skirt as part of my wardrobe for many years, in some form or style.  It is timeless.  It is still very popular with both young and old and it is still a big seller.

My variety in choosing denim skirts mostly lie in the length.  I love long midi length fashion and I found this popular boot length which  will be perfect for those cooler Autumn days and upcoming Winter brisk days.  It can easily be paired with my favorite boots.  Right now, however,  it is perfect for wearing with slip ons.  Throwing on an oversized sweater or a Moto  jacket would also be great alternatives as the weather gets cooler.

Denim is that fabric that fits casual occasions quite well.  Yet with the right accessories and accents, it can also easily fit in a more formal occasion too!  And there is a huge difference in price range for denim.  I got this one quite cheap at the Goodwill for $4 (on Senior day), yet you can find one anywhere, especially online quite reasonably priced.

I hope you consider pulling out that denim and making it work for you.  Better yet, add a new piece for Fall because it is definitely a classic that will be around for quite a while.




  1. As always you are beautiful!! I have been wanting a denim skirt!! You made that desire even stronger! I love your blogs!!!! Keep it up!!!! Love ya!!! Yolonda


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