Greeting Fall with A Long Sleeve Shirt!

Even though the calendar officially now says “Fall”  we are still in transition when it comes to wearing comfortable clothing suitable for the weather.  With the forecast in my area of mid 90’s throughout the next week, it is hard to think of wearing some of the cute, fun things of Fall.  So I have found what works great for me are button down, long sleeve cotton shirts to help with the cool mornings.  Roll the sleeves and add a camisole underneath so you can open the blouse as the day goes on and heats up to have a comfortable layered look.

I have so many long sleeved shirts that I roll up for different looks and they are fun to pair with my favorite pants, capris or skirts.  Because Fall is on my mind, I love this orange colored shirt which also fits in with paisley print patterns that I love.  This shirt is by Land’s End and sells for under $20 on their website.  But to be honest with you, I looked around to see if I could find it even cheaper on different websites.  I found it on Poshmark for close to $12, and on Ebay for $10.  I was delighted to see it while shopping at the Goodwill.  So I bought it for $5.99.   Now that was quite a surprise and a great bargain because what are the odds of finding what you want, in the size that you need?

The orange color makes me think of pumpkins and Fall and all of the beautiful colors to come.  Pairing it up with jeans is a perfect combo.

Judging by fashion patterns, long sleeve shirts will always be stylish and trendy.  So no worries about staying current.  They are also great for any age group,  from young to old.  So keep your eyes open.  There are so many great buys out there to fit your style and fit your budget.  Happy shopping!




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