Printed Jeans… Do You Dare?

As I have started looking on line for Fall fashion trends and keeping my eyes open for not only age appropriate styles but affordable too, I am seeing printed jeans popping up on various sites.  Now jeans have to be my all time favorite comfort clothes.   To step out of my box and add prints and colors beyond the denim blues works for me, but may not be for everyone’s liking.

I started to order a fun pair but then caught myself because I remember a few years ago buying a neon pair of printed jeans by Liz Claiborne and wearing them for a season or two.  Imagine my joy to see I still have them and that, as in the fashion world, is coming back in style again.  What is funny is the fact that these are called skinny jeans.  Fashion designers then had no idea how skinny the legs of current jeans would get.  And I have to say, I am enjoying the roomy fit with this leg style.

Pairing these recycled printed jeans with a crisp white shirt is a definite winner for me, as I transition from Summer into Fall.  Another option will be to do a blue denim shirt or a blue jean jacket with them.

There really are some cool looking prints out there and who knows, I might add one or two more pair to my collection…. if the price is right!

So keep your eyes open and if you dare, try some color this Fall with your jeans and have fun doing it. 






  1. Pam,
    You have covered so any options so well..very interesting and informative. It would be good to look at future, upcoming styles as they come into being…will they work for “our age group” or not. Sometimes I question if I can “pull off” some styles that are questionable.
    Just a thought!


    • Good thoughts Kathy! Style is so subjective I find. What works for one in an age group would not necessarily work for others. While looking at some trends, it can be easy at times to say no way, but with others there is that thin subjective line. I enjoy looking at what is upcoming but also find myself looking at “tried and true” classics.


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