Goodbye Summer Tops!

Even though Fall does not start until later in September, most people look at Labor Day as the official end of summer and most clearance racks and sales are pretty much depleted.  I just wanted to close out my summer blog with two tops I recently bought for good prices.

Of course, visiting one of my favorite stores, Old Navy, was a must.  I found this great flowered, ruffled, one shoulder top on clearance for $9.97, although this Labor Day Weekend, it is listed back at $25.   It will go down again to the lower price, you just have to watch the sales.  I took this top on my recent trip and found it to be perfect in terms of comfort and coolness for the tropical temps.

My second top, the blue flowered off shouldered ruffled top was purchased at Walmart and was part of the Sofia Vergara collection.  I found it for $19.50, a bit more than I wanted to pay at this time of the season, but a good buy nevertheless.  I found it to be comfortable and fun with a pair of cut off jeans or white pants for a more dressier look.

Now while it seems Fall is imminent and right around the corner, living here in the South, we will have many more days of warmth and that summer feel, so I plan to not pack these away too soon, but to keep on enjoying them for a bit more.

And, most importantly, I will be meeting next summer with an already great collection of styles which I feel will still be current and in abundance.

Remember, always keep you eyes open for those clearance rack buys or take a moment to browse the internet because I am sure you will find some great buys at this time of the season for pennies on the dollar.


  1. These are 2 of my favorites on you! Georgia agrees with you!
    The “off the shoulder” look is VERY flattering. Annie Lebowicz, the famous photograher, said that all women look best with their decolletage and shoulders visible. As women age, this area is always very flattering. You look gorgeous in both of these tops and colors!


    • Thank you Kathy! For the longest, I would not consider wearing an off the should top, but now…. I say, “Let it rip!” LOL! We only get one go around in this life and I am learning to just do what makes me feel good. I appreciate your kind words.


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