Maxi’d and Loving It!

As summer is now winding down and Fall fashions are beginning to pop up in stores and online, I am finding some excellent buys out there to enjoy for a few more weeks before it cools down and to add to next summer’s look.

One of my favorite buys this season has been this cool gauze maxi dress that I found at Nordstrom Rack.  It had an original price of $69 and was on sale during the season for $29, but most recently I found this one for $17.98 which made my heart soar with joy.  Although it comes in many colors, I found that the price is based on the color.  I guess not many loved the plum color, thus making it cheaper.  Oh and by the way, I got the straw bag at H&M for $3 on their clearance rack.

The maxi dress first appeared in the scene in 1968 with a design by Oscar de la Renta.  And the popularity maxed out in the 1970’s.  It’s popularity had a resurgence in 2008 and it remains very popular and fashionable in today’s style.

I personally love the maxi for not only it’s comfort but because of the many different looks it offers.  Being a tall woman at 5’10’ it accents my height and I just feel good wearing it.  I have several in my closet and am always looking for more.  Maxi dresses can be worn for almost any social occasion for not only dressing up for more formal outings but also can be worn for a casual, bohemian look.  I took this one on my recent trip to Costa Rica and it was perfect for dinner at a beachside restaurant.

Now is a great time to go online and head to the clearance rack and find some great buys for next year or just keep your eyes open for Fall fashion possibilities because I do believe the maxi is here to stay.

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