Cover Up Fun!

On my recent trip to Costa Rica, I found that most of my clothes, that I had packed, remained in my suitcase, as I do have a tendency to be one of those “just in case” packers.  You know the type…. I will bring this just in case I do this or do that….  But what I found was that I spent most of my days in my swim suits and coverups.  Literally every single day, to my delight.

Before the trip, I found this lace coverup at JC Penney during their mid to late season sale, on clearance for $16 which made me glad to have waited.  During the beginning of the season it was $44.  One of the great ways I do tend to stay in my $25 and under range is to time my clothing purchases.  Maybe you might want to consider buying some items for next summer’s wear right now.  But then again, there are still some great warm days ahead.

My colorful coverup is one of my favorites from several years ago, which you can find in any souvenir shop in the $10-$20 range if you decide to just buy while on vacation.  I saw many of these types of coverups, so I was covered.  LOL!  (No pun intended.)

Swimsuit coverups are designed for two reasons.  First, it is to protect the modesty of the wearer, so it can be anything that brings comfort from a tunic or a dress to a sarong.  Comfort is the key.  Second, it is designed to provide protection from the sun.  Thus you can find them with sleeves or even hoods to keep the burning sun directly off the body.

No matter what your preference, you definitely will be able to find one to your liking.  And now is a great time to find some great buys. 


  1. You look terrific! Costa Rica…how exciting! Once again, you hit the jackpot with clothing…Muy Bonita, Senora!


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