Tie Dye Still Works for Me!

I know most of us can remember the tie dye look from the 60’s and 70’s.  According to Wikipedia, this modern day term appeared in writing in the 60’s but actually was called “tied and dyed”  in both 1909 and 1941. But if you really want to look at history, it dates back to being called Bandhani in India in 4,000 BC to  being used in Peru from 500-810 AD.  So there is a long history.   Some of us even made some clothing pieces by folding fabric,  rubber banding it and dipping it in dye to achieve cool patterns of design at some point in our lives.

I bought this tie dyed skirt many years ago and finds it still works as a fashion statement today.  I love the pattern and the colors.  You can go online and find many different types of clothing choices made with the tie dye coloring or find them in most stores.

While most fashion looks are centered around the tie dyed tops, there are many that include skirts, pants, scarves or accessories.

What about you?  Is there anything hiding in that closet with the tie dye theme?  Dig deep, take it out and shake it off.  You might be surprised to see it fits right in with today’s style.



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