Can’t Miss with Linen, Can You?

It took me a while before I truly liked linen.  I think it was mostly because of the fact that it wrinkles so easily and I always associated the wrinkles with looking messy and unkempt.   However I have come to love that wrinkled, crinkled look in some of my outfits.  That could be due in part to the fact that linen is extremely cool and comfortable, especially in hot humid climates.

I recently was visiting one of my favorite places, Old Navy and ran across a special sale.  Unfortunately that is the thing with Old Navy.  One week it will be a crazy price on sale and the next, the price has gone up and the great sale is over.  I would suggest that you keep on checking online because even though it may go up, it always seem to come down again.  For instance, I got this cool top for $8.99 and the pants were $10.99 making the whole outfit around $20 plus tax.  And you really cannot beat that.

LInen, this cool, comfortable fabric has been around since before the first millennium BC in Northern Africa and has been worn throughout history in most parts of the world.   As we moved into modern day, cotton became much easier and cheaper to make and thus replaced linen.  Today we are seeing a resurgence of the fabric in many different styles and it has become a very popular look for all ages.

So it would be safe to say that linen has stood the test of time and most likely will continue in its popularity.  And with that almost guarantee, here’s hoping you have something in your closet to get you through these hot days of summer. 


  1. I have a few really nice linen outfit that haven’t been out of storage in years. Never got past the wrinkle thing. I kept an iron at work so I could knock the wrinkle out of my jackets before meetings. That was crazy! Perhaps I’ll give them another try. Maybe I can relax about wrinkles now that I’m retired. 🙂
    Still enjoying your blog. I particularly enjoy the historical notes on different fashions.


    • Thanks Sheila! I appreciate your supporting my blog! And I love your feedback. Yes, I too, decided to given linen another try and I am going with the flow with the wrinkling, especially for casual style. LOL!


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