White Shirts Add Class!

I know almost everyone has an oversized white shirt hanging in their closet.  Well it is time to pull it out and use it to freshen your wardrobe!  I know I have about 3 or 4.  Yet I found this cool patterned white shirt during a recent shopping trip to my “go to store”, Old Navy.  It was on sale for about $20, which you all know, fits my $25 and under criteria.  And I was intrigued with the pattern and the comfortable fit.

White shirts started becoming popular with Hollywood actresses in the 1940’s and have been consistently popular in women’s fashion throughout the decades.  Take a look at this slideshow showing the impact through the decades.  https://www.instyle.com/fashion/memorable-white-shirt-moments-through-decades?slide=395824#395824  It is still a very popular and classic fashion item, even by today’s standards.

The classic button down white shirt can vary by being oversized and loose or more form fitting following the lines of the body.  It is totally the preference of the person’s personal style.  I myself, love loose and oversized any day.

The fun thing about a white shirt is the fact that it is not seasonal.  You can wear it year round.  Just roll those sleeves up for summer wear and tie a cardigan around your neck for a fall look.

You can also change its look by wearing it loose, tucking it in or tying it at the waist.

I say “Long live the white shirt!”  I probably am not done buying them and if the price is right, I am pretty sure I will keep adding to my collection.




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