Catching Sun in My Little Black Sun Dress

I never ever would have thought I would wear a spaghetti strap sundress at 67 years of age.  There are some fashion things I considered were past my time.  But when I saw this cute black dress and tried it on, I knew it was meant to be.  I love it!  And I love how comfortable I feel in it.  And isn’t that what it is all about?  How do you feel in it?

I found this fabulous dress at one of my favorite spots for bargains, Old Navy.  It was on sale for  under $15 with some special discounts.  So grabbing it for myself was a no brainer.  There is such a great selection of sun dresses this Spring and Summer season, with a vast offering of styles and colors.  I am sure if you dare, you will find something that grabs you.

According to Wikipedia, there are certain elements to a sun dress, such as it is casual, to be worn in warm weather.  It is usually cotton and is loose fitting and the straps are often thin.  So, finding one to fit your personal taste is proving to be quite easy this season.

One of the points not listed is the length.  As a mature lady, I do prefer keeping the length age appropriate, so I find this midi length is perfect for me. This particular dress came in a tall which makes it perfect for my 5’10” frame.   There are also many mini lengths to choose from, but not for this mature person.  After all, we have to draw the line somewhere.  Wouldn’t you say?  Happy shopping friends! 





  1. You are darling in this! You are finding out alot about yourself in this new venture! Very exciting, at this point in time. Unfortunately, I am not mature and never will be, so what’s a girl to do???😜🤓😂🤯


    • You are just fine my friend walking your walk in life! Thank you for your compliments and your support. Still trying to find my place. Right now I am having fun with this little venture. Who knows what’s next? LOL!


  2. Real cute and stylish. Not sure why you are apprehensive about spaghetti straps…I wear them all the time! Have’t shopped in Old Navy in a while, so thanks for the tip again. Keep the articles coming. I enjoy reading them and of course I enjoy the fashions ever more! You go girl!


    • Hahahaha! Thanks Chele! Love your support! But the arms are losing their muscle tone so I am very conscious of them. Maybe a bit too much. But have to say I am enjoying baring them. I am having fun with the various fashion focuses. it is keeping me motivated on challenged to find budget bargains. More to come….. LOL!


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