Bermuda Shorts & Summer Fun!

Next to my capri length pants, Bermuda shorts have to be my second favorite length for keeping cool in the summer.  Owning multiple pairs in various colors and patterns is a win-win for my summer wardrobe.  According to Wikipedia, Bermuda shorts are also referred to as walking shorts or dress shorts.  Historically, they originated with the British army and are still worn today as part of their summer uniform.  They became popular in Bermuda where businessmen wore them as appropriate attire for the tropical heat.  I am not sure how they became a fashion item for women, but they started appearing in women’s fashions in the 1940’s.  And of course, they remain a very stable and popular part of women’s fashion consistently with today’s styles.

Bermuda shorts are fun for all age groups and are appropriate because they tend to be longer, usually ending right above or near the knee, making them very comfortable.  They are quite inexpensive and can be bought to fit within most budgets.  It certainly fits my $25 and under criteria.  They can be paired up with any type of tops, jackets or blouses.

Due to their comfort in wear, Bermuda shorts can be worn to a variety of different functions, whether more formal or for playtime, shopping, or sports.

I know I take at least 3-4 pair when traveling because no matter what I am doing, they are often appropriate and I feel comfortable and appropriate.  I find changing up the accessories is what deems them more casual or dressy.

I have also been known to throw on a sweater or sweatshirt to wear these favorites into the Fall season .

So whatever you choose in shopping this summer, make sure some Bermuda shorts are in your shopping cart.  You certainly won’t regret it! 




  1. Love bermudas… great for layering when cool! Thanks for reminding me! I can see that you are happy in Atlanta!..Life looks great on you!!!


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