Summer Tops are Tops With Me!

How are you doing on your shopping for items $25 and under?  Have you gotten on board with finding the best deals without breaking the bank?  Are you finding affordable bargains?

One of the fun things I have recently acquired is the sleeveless polyester blend V-neck top.  These fun tops can be found almost everywhere you shop, and most importantly, they will not break the budget.  I recently bought this flowered top at Old Navy for just $9.97.

It is cool.  It is comfortable and it is cheap.  Pairing these tops with shorts, capris, or slacks is ideal for a casual outing.  Or add a skirt to one of these tops for a more formal gathering.  Either way it is a win/win situation.

These popular tops are not confined by time limitations when it comes to style.  They are as popular in today’s styles as they have been in the past and I am almost sure they will continue to be a favorite going forward.  And when seasons change, throw on a sweater or jacket and still enjoy their look.

But for now, enjoy adding some of these fun looks to your wardrobe and have fun keeping cool! 



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