Broomstick Skirts Will Live On…

One of my fashion favorites is the broomstick skirt.  Do you know that the broomstick skirt or the tiered skirt, as it is sometimes called, goes back to the Renaissance Days?  It gets its name from the way the crinkles in the skirt was formed.  While wet, the fabric was wrapped around the handle of the broomstick so, when dried, it would fall into crinkly pleats.  For more history, check out this article, .

I have owned this particular skirt since the 1990’s.  And it is still widely popular and quite fashionable in today’s trends.  In fact you can still go into any store and find these comfortable skirts.  While most tend to be maxi lengths, you can also find them in midi and average lengths.  Most tend to be a type of cotton or cotton blend making them light and comfortable.  I do love the drawstring waist which has allowed me to continue wearing it comfortably over the years.  Styles vary in the type of waist bands.

I love wearing this in the fall with a jean jacket or light sweater and in the summer a tank top or a light weight cotton top is perfect.  There are a vast array of colors available and printed patterns to choose from.  You can find this widely popular skirt online in the $20-$40 range and as most of you know, I stay in the lower range.  Or you can stop in any store and I am almost sure you will find a great selection.

So make that move.  Pick up a skirt because it is here to stay.





  1. Can I wear the skirt and take off on the broomstick that is required to fly? We are moving, so I’m planning on”Flying the the coop!”
    Loved the historical to learn the history of various styles! Thank you!


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